CEnter of self harmonization

The Center of Self Harmonization design was based on the outcome of research on philosophy of Japanese and Western architecture, “The Aspects of Contemporary Japanese Architecture’s Influence on Western Architecture”. The main principles of wabi-sabi aesthetics and contemporary Japanese architecture ideas had a strong impact on the design of the Center. 

Asymmetrical plans, functional level differences, corridors running around like forest paths, materials, textures, very minimal purified interior as well as exterior, emerged naturally. 

Everything is obeying the rules of surrounding nature. Everything is designed in order to respect and learn from it. Center architecture becomes one living part of the surrounding forest. It becomes a continuously changing, calming resource of peace and balance. It becomes a purified space for inner happiness. For inner harmony. It becomes a home for you. 

Nature is the most breathtaking art piece you could ever find. It is constantly changing, it is never the same, but it is always magnificent. 

Imagine yourself waking up in the forest. It is early morning. You are waking up together with nature, in exactly the same rhythm. It is all around you. There is absolutely no distraction. You have only things that you need – only the essentials. And all your focus is right behind the curtain – the biggest art piece ever. 


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